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* 2 x boiled octopus tentacles
* 8 x perilla leaves (oba or aojiso)
* 1/8 lb processed cheese
Golden Batter:
* 3/8 cup all-purpose flour
* 2 x egg yolks
* Salt to taste
* Kelp-flavored fish stock (nidashijiru) as needed
* 1/3 oz dried buckwheat noodles
* 13 sht dried laver (asakusa-nori) 1 1/2″ square


* Slice octopus diagonally.
* Wash perilla leaves, cut lengthwise into halves.
* Cut cheese into 1/4-inch-thick slices, then each slice into three pieces.
* Place cheese on leaves, roll up and sandwich with two octopus pieces.
* Mix all ingredients for golden batter lightly. Dip cheese-leaves-octopus pieces into batter and deep-fry until golden.
* Boil buckwheat noodles for a few minutes. Noodles should not be soft, but still hard in the center. Cut into 1-inch lengths. Cut dried layer into 1/4-inch-wide strips. Place noodles on dried laver, roll up and deep-fry.
* Arrange fried octopus on serving plate and sprinkle with garnishes.
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